JENEsys EDGE 414 Controller with N4 (50 Point Limit and 3 Devices)

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JENEsys Edge products are available to any certified Niagara integrator or contractor.

This EDGE 414 is a fully programmable Niagara ported controller.  It consists of: 

- 4 Digital Output (DO) relays, 6 Universal Inputs (UI) and 4 Analog Outputs (AO)

- N4 embedded software

- N4 License that supports 50 points and 3 devices.  CANNOT UPGRADE OR CHANGE

- N4 Software Maintenance for Life; included with the license

- Supports Spanning Tree Protocol

- Supports FOX, BACnet IP and MSTP, Modbus TCP/TU (client only), SNMP, WEBUI and others

- Ready to include compatibility with the EDGE Configuration Tool, Auto IP Addressing, Provisioning Program and Continuous Commissioning (when released)

JENEsys products are available to any certified Niagara integrator or contractor.

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  • The JENEsys Edge 414 is a Niagara 4, IP Programmable Controller with 14 IO points (Inputs and Outputs) on board. 

    **This product is intended for those who have the training and tools to utilize Niagara**

    The controller is ideal for terminal equipment control that requires minimal integration with third party products (max 3) and minimal points of control (max 50).

    The unit blends the adaptability and flexibility of a freely IP programmable device. Built on Lynxspring’s extensible Onyxx® IP hardware platform and Niagara 4 with a 50 point 3-device license, the JENEsys Edge 414 enables users to utilize Niagara ProBuilder /Workbench software, Niagara programming tools and the FOX Protocol for easy setup, programming, commissioning and control. 

    Each JENEsys Edge 414 includes perpetual Niagara software maintenance.

    The JENEsys Edge 414 allows users to maximize their investment in Niagara and make use of a single layer/one platform, IP architecture across the entire building for real-time access and control. Users experience faster deployment times, reduced setup and management costs, reduced complexity and have the ability to add their own value-added applications.


    •      Fully programmable Niagara controller; Fox Protocol
    •      Same Programming Tools—ProBuilder/Workbench
    •      14 points of IO on-board and enables an Onyxx Network
    •       Fast & increased memory capacity
    •       Small unit footprint
    •       Real-time Linux OS

    JENEsys Edge 414 Data Sheet

    JENEsys Edge 414 FAQs

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