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    Axis® 8 camera driver on JENE-PC8000.  Max 16 cameras per JENE.

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    Maxpro® 8 camera driver for JACE. Max 16 cameras per JACE

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    Milestone Xprotect® Professional/+  8 camera driver on JENE-PC8000. Max 16 cameras per JENE.

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    Dedicated high definition 7 inch touch screen display and mounting kit with kiosk mode for local feedback and control of your Niagara application or other web enabled BMS.  High-quality framed wall mounting (tamper resistant) with concealed wiring, suitable for high-footfall areas.  Compatible with any BMS controller or station  that generates HTML5 web content 

    Can be panel or wall mounted.  Wi-Fi or Ethernet installation options are available.

    Easy installation and wall mounting kit is included!

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8 Item(s)

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