Onyxx® SkySpark® Edge Analytics Controller with BACnet Communications--1000 Points

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The Onyxx™ FS311 SkySpark Analytics Controller provides Client BACnet and Ethernet Data to SkySpark Analytics on-board the Lynxspring Onyxx device.  Once the Onyxx FS311 is connected to a network, data is used to populate SkySpark Spark Algorithims.  Netw

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  • A Stand-Alone, SkySpark Everywhere Embedded Device

    Lynxspring's Onyxx platform (an embedded edge family of modular, open, hardware, bridges and gateways that support Cloud applications), partnered with SkyFoundry's SkySpark® Everwhere™, provides the capability to run SkySpark analytics locally at the edge and send data to SkySpark in the Cloud.

    Connectivity, Control, Data Access, Analytics at the Edge

    The Onyxx® SkySpark® Edge Analytics is a stand-alone, SkySpark® Everywhere embedded device. 

    SkySpark Analytics allows users to analyze important data at the edge and gather real-time intelligence. This device enables data from BACnet and Modbus to connect locally with SkyFoundry's SkySpark, adding value at the device level.

    This controller provides Client BACnet and Ethernet data to SkySpark Analytics on-board the Lynxspring Onyxx device. Once the Onyxx FS311 is connected to the network, data is used to populate SkySpark, Spark Algorithms.

    Product Offering

    • Reduces latency

    • Decreases downtime

    • Conserves network bandwidth

    • Reduces operational costs/overall data management

    • Helps ensure other connected systems stay operational even when one device malfunctions

    • Shorter response and reaction times to troubleshooting issues

    • Opportunities for organizations leveraging the advantages of IoT

    Benefits and Value

    • Allows data to be collected from BACnet/MSTP devices

    • BACnet to Haystack network communication and data exchange

    • SkySpark is a proven technology and widely accepted

    • Deployed in over 1 billion square feet of facilities/more than 13,000 buildings

    • Most advanced analytics package for building/facilities, energy, IoT applications

    • Cost effective at point counts from:  10 points to millions

    • Fully programmable analytics allow you to tailor rules to your specific use cases

    • Visualization of data results without engineering custom graphics

    • Deployment on premise--advantage over Cloud-only solutions

    • Organize data automatically via equipment applications to see trends

    • No need to assemble graphical presentations to clearly see analytic results

    • Comprehensive built-in energy application

    • General purpose historian

    • Provides the ability to apply SkySpark across multiple nodes that can work together in a unified system

    • The full SkySpark feature set is included in each node

    • Data access, collection storage, analytics, processing, visualizations are done locally

    • Provides maximum flexibility, scalability, reliability, and simplicity

    • Disseminates data seamlessly and computations between the edge and server/Cloud environments

    • Provides more fault tolerance for data collection, storage, and processing

    • Collects data closer to the source

    • Supports applications with constrained networks with intermittent connections

    • Reduces data transfer costs and data bandwidth

    • Reduces the risk of loss of data due to network interruptions

    • Performs real-time analytics at the edge for equipment that is being controlled

    • Enables scaling to large systems in easy, manageable increments

      Link to Product Data Sheet

      Onyxx SkySpark Edge Analytics Data Sheet.pdf