Onyxx® 4G LTE™ Cellular Router (CE121-4GLTE)

Lynxspring’s new Onyxx® 4G LTE™ Cellular Router (CE121-4GLTE) is designed to support secure, remote access and the exchange of data among today’s intelligent buildings, energy management systems, machine-to-machine applications, edge devices and cloud services.

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  • Lynxspring has conveniently packaged our new easy-to-configure Cellular Router with our E2E Private Wireless Network and the E2E Easy Data Service Plan.

    With the reliability, coverage, security and simplicity of our wireless data plan, the Onyxx Cellular Router has been designed for simple set-up, installation, commissioning and includes a wireless modem interface allowing instant communication upon startup. Developed to be a drop-in or an OEM equipment deliverable product, the new Cellular Router provides remote access and data acquisition through enabling you to:

    ü  Remotely monitor and control infrastructure and equipment, meters, pumps and valves in any energy, utility, commercial or industrial application.

    ü  Instantly connect equipment at remote point-of-sale locations, temporary installations, or retail operations.

    ü  Access to building and energy assets via a secure VPN.


    4G EV-DO MODEL (fallback to CDMA 1xRTT)

    ü  800/1900 MHz Novatel EVDO modem

    ü  Download: up to 1.4 Mbps

    ü  Upload: up to .80 Mbps

    ü  Ethernet is standard

    Carrier Approvals

    The Onyxx-4G LTE Cellular Router is tested and approved for deployment by Verizon.

    Onyxx-CE121-4G LTE 

    Packaging will include:  one (1) Onyxx 4G LTE Cellular Router, one (1) 9 to 15 VDC 1A external power supply, and one (1) 7 ft. Ethernet cable and one (1) direct-connect antenna.


    Remote antenna with an ultra-wide band, cellular magnetic mount including a 3-foot cable.

    Link to Product Data Sheets 

    4G LTE Cellular Router Data Sheet

    E2E Private Wireless Network & Easy Data Service Plan Data Sheet