Onyxx® XM 34IO Extender Module

The Onyxx XM 34IO is part of Lynxspring’s Edge-to-Enterprise portfolio of hardware, software and tools designed for today’s buildings, IoT environments, device-to-enterprise integrations and machine-to-machine applications. 

Designed to provide maximum performance at minimum cost, the units are completely extendable and can be configured to add additional IOs to any JENEsys® Edge 534, JENEsys® Edge 100, JENEsys® PC 8000 or any JACE® 8000 and other third-party BACnet controllers. 

The Onyxx XM 34IO has 34 points and native Onyxx and extends the IO for any device that has an Onyxx network. The Onyxx XM 34IO-B has 34 points and enables an Onyxx Network and is a slave BACnet MS/TP device that can be integrated by a BACnet client controller. 

Note:  Add to a JENE-EG534, up to 8 additional Onyxx-XM34IO extender modules (at 34 points of IO each) for a maximum of 306 points.

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    ü  Can be used with a JENEsys® Edge™ 534

    ü  Extremely compact, modular design allows flexibility/versatility in various combinations of IO

    ü  Extends 34 points to an Onyxx-capable device

    ü  34 Points of Inputs/Outputs

    ü  Add to an JENEsys Edge 534, up to 8 additional extender modules (at 34 points of IO each) for a maximum of 306 points

    ü  Small unit footprint (4.5” x 4.25” x 2.25”)

    ü  Low power 


    ü  10 Digital Outputs

    ü  8 Analog Outputs

    ü  16 Universal Inputs

    ü  Input mode setting per Universal Input (resistance, voltage, current, pulse, etc.)

    ü  Micro USB (1), Onyxx Network

    ü  Wired 24 Vac/dc

    ü  35 mm DIN rail or flat panel mounting

    Onyxx XM 3410 Extender Module Documentation