JENEsys Edge VAV

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The JENEsys Edge® VAV is the first Niagara Framework® IP-programmable VAV controller. This next-generation advanced programmable VAV controller expands Lynxspring’s line of Niagara 4-based, IP controllers and blends the power and flexibility of a cost-effective, IP-enabled controller with Niagara 4 and is ideal for zone-level temperature and air quality control applications from small and medium locations to large commercial building complexes. 

Accompanying tools and a comprehensive library of factory-engineered control programs provided can save engineering and commissioning time, lowering the total cost of installation. Monthly commissioning data provides a level of proactive maintenance, increasing the lifecycle of the system. The flat architecture and spanning loop network provide maximum uptime for the VAV system. In addition, the unit is ASHRAE® Guideline 36 compliant to help maximize energy efficiency and performance. 

Additional features of the JENEsys Edge VAV include:      


  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  • Built-in integrated differential pressure transducer

  • 15 on-board inputs/outputs

  • 4G eMMC Flash Memory
  • 1 GHz AM335x ARM Cortex A8 Processor
  • Advanced Integration Tools                                                                                                                                
  • Field configurable and programmable          

**Lynxspring requires complimentary training to purchase this product.**

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  • **This product is intended for those who have the training and tools to utilize Niagara**

    The VAV EDGE VAV is a fully programmable Niagara ported controller.  It consists of: 

    - 4 Digital Output (DO) relays, 6 Universal Inputs (UI) and 4 Analog Ouputs (AO)

    - A 2" w.c. pressure transducer

    - N4 embedded software

    - N4 License that supports 50 points and 3 devices.  CANNOT UPGRADE OR CHANGE

    - N4 Software Maintenance for Life; included with the license

    - Supports Spanning Tree Protocol

    - Includes compatibility with the EDGE Configuration Tool, Auto IP Addressing, Provisioning Program and Continuous Commissioning

    - Includes 15 VAV applications supported by the ASHRAE G36 VAV Sequence of Operations

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